Getting to Yum Botic

  1. Costa Maya is 217 miles/350  

     kilometers from Cancun,

     about a 4 1/2 hour drive.

  1. From airport,take highway

     307 south.

  1. 1 hour later is Playa del


  1. 1 hour after that is Tulum. 

  2. 1 1/2 hours later is Felipe  

     Carrillo Puerto. Good idea to

     refill your gas tank here.

  1. 40 minutes later is Limones, a

     very small town.

  1. Turn left 5 minutes after

     Limones, at the Cafetal /

     Mahahual, Costa Maya exit.

  1. 30-40 minutes later you will

     see a PEMEX gas station.

  1. Turn left at the first road past

     the gas station. Sign on right

     says “Mahahual, Uvero.”

Follow signs that say Yum Botic

  1. You are going to Uvero.

  2. You will pass signs for Rio

     Indio and Placer.

  1. After the 26 kilometer mark,

     you’ll see a sign that says

     “Uvero.” Turn right & go to

     the end of the road.

  1. Turn left onto an unpaved road.

  2. Go 6 1/2 kilometers and you

     will reach the house. Drive

     slowly, the road is bumpy.

Travel Tips

  1. Change money before you leave the country.

    You may also change money in the airport

    or a bank in Playa del Carmen or Tulum.   

    There are also ATM machines.

  1. Buy the bulk of your groceries in Playa del

    Carmen or Tulum  (San Francisco

    supermarket). Bring a bag that keeps food

    cold or buy a cooler & ice. There are small

    grocery stores in Mahahual but no


  1. Your speedometer is in kilometers per hour.

    A kilometer is 6/10s of a mile.

  1. Gas stations are all PEMEX with the same

    gas prices. Watch that they start filling

    your tank on zeros. Gas stations only take

    pesos. There is a gas station right before

    the turn off to Uvero to fill up or you might

    want to do so in Carrillo Puerto.

  1. Road speed bumps, called “topes”, are

    designed to slow you down. Drive extremely

    slow so you don’t damage your car.


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Map from Cancun to Yum Botic